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antislip treatment all

Anti-Slip Treatment for All Tiles

Suitable for all tiles and natural stone tiles. Our Proprietary Stone Grip solution will microscopically etch the surface of tiles, create micro channels, and create a non-slip surface.

antislip coating

Anti-Slip Coatings

Suitable for any surfaces, internal or external, to increase surface traction, provide protection to the substrate and improve its appearance.

Diamond Pad System

Suitable for concrete and natural stone surfaces. With the assistance of a polish machine, we will lightly grind the surface and seal it, and increase traction to safer levels.

3M clear stick home

3M Clear Stick on Slip-Resistant Film

Suitable for stair nosing and landings. This is a textured stick on vinyl manufactured by 3M, it will adhere to any substrate and stay on for many years.


Non-Slip Bathtubs -
Treatment and Coating

Suitable for existing bathtubs – porcelain or ceramic, and, acrylic or fiberglass.

Slip Testing and Report

We can organize your slip testing and report with an Independent and NATA-accredited slip-testing company, to ensure your floors meet Australian Standards, providing you peace of mind.

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About Us

Our passion for this business grows out of the fact that slip-and-fall injuries can be devastating, life-changing events, particularly for our older and most vulnerable citizens.

But the fact is, both young and old are susceptible to the devastation of slip-and-fall injuries. Yet there are simple and inexpensive steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a devastating injury.

Remember, after a fall occurs, it’s too late to engage in slip-prevention. The time to prevent a fall is before it happens!